All of my portraits are made to last. They are drawn on acid-free Bristol Board and the image is fixed with an archival fixative. Properly hung, they will last lifetimes.

The portraits themselves are built from photographs, usually several. Whenever possible, I prefer to meet the subject and have a quick, informal photo shoot. From that meeting and those photos a portrait will be built. But I realize a photo shoot isn't always possible. Sometimes the drawing is a surprise. Sometimes the subject isn't available. When that's the case, we can work from photos of yours if they are detailed enough.

A single subject, 11x14 drawing starts at $800. A large 18x24 drawing starts at $2300. The final price is determined by number of subjects and the complexity of the image, say, the entire Brady bunch versus a polar bear in a snowstorm. And the price will always be settled on before the drawing begins.

All of that said, what's important to me is that you get a portrait if you want one. So if you have any questions about the cost or the process, send me an email at