Pricing and Ordering

Pricing is based on the size of the drawing and the complexity of the subject. That said, a simple bust, large enough to fit an 11x14 inch frame once matted will cost $500. From there, the world is yours.


These drawings are based on photographs, usually one or two. There are a few things to consider when choosing a photograph for your portrait. Most importantly, you’ll want to choose one that captures the personality of your subject. Also, it has been my experience that spontaneous photos make for livelier drawings than posed photos. And, for my work, the more detailed your picture is, the more detailed your drawing will be. An exceptional portrait subtracts and highlights but never adds detail. If you can see whites in the eyes and the hair is defined, it should make a very fine drawing.

Once you've chosen your photo (or photos. I'm happy to surprise you) you can send me a copy through email, snail mail or, if you are in the Austin area, you can put it in my hands. After that, the turnaround time for a small drawing is three to four weeks. Larger drawings take longer. If you have a date by which you need it, I will let you know before I begin if it is possible and I will do my best to accommodate rush orders.