These drawings are based on photographs, usually one or two. If you would like to arrange a photo session, I can come to you. Or, if you have a favorite photo in mind, I'm happy to work from one of yours. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a photograph for your portrait:

1.  Most importantly, you’ll want to choose a photo that captures the personality of your subject. Spontaneous photos are often livelier, more remarkable drawings than posed photos.

2. These are very detailed drawings, so the more detailed your photographs are, the more detailed your drawing will be. An exceptional portrait subtracts and highlights, but never adds, detail. If you can see whites in the eyes and the hair is defined, it should make a very fine drawing.

3. Odd croppings are best avoided, especially tops of heads. What may look fine in a snapshot, can look awkward as a formal drawing.


Sizing and Pricing


The sizing refers to the frame size. The drawing can be slightly smaller to accommodate matting or it can go right to the edge of you prefer. Pricing is based on the size and complexity of the drawing, but a good baseline would be the following:

11x14 inches $650 

18x24 inches: $1100

24x36 inches: $2800 

T Rex size: $650,000



If you already have the perfect photo or an armful of perfect photos (I'm happy to help you choose or even surprise you), you can send me a copy through email (, snail mail or, if you are in the Austin area, you can put it in my hands.

If you have an idea in mind, but don't have a photo that quite matches your vision, contact me ( and we can arrange a meeting and a photo session.

If you need a drawing by a certain date, I will let you know if it can be met. Depending on my backlog, the smaller drawings can be ready in a month (or if it's a rush, sooner) and the larger drawings in two.

If you would like a drawing, or if you have any questions about the process or availability, please contact me at